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A music theatre Cross-cultural Education Project in Belfast

Having emerged from its recent turbulent political history, Belfast is fast becoming one of the most thriving and striking cities in the UK. This is reflected strongly in the faces of its many different communities. Increasingly Belfast is a multicultural place, which offers strong and enduring opportunities for growth and development. It is a 21st Century city, which is undergoing striking and positive change, at last. Multiculturalism is a new thing for Belfast. The integration and inclusion of individuals from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds provokes a challenging transitional phase in the city's development. It is important that these minority groups have an equal chance to be at the grass roots in contributing to the foundation of the city's developing economy and culture. Many of these communities had not previously had the opportunity to meet and discuss ideas and points of view with one another, and to work together collectively.

Participants were drawn from groups in Belfast city, which have been identified as being from socially and economically disadvantaged communities.  Goliath a Go Go was a music theatre based project which brought together members from five separate communities to discuss ideas about identity, to share thoughts and perceptions and to use these ideas and discussion points to express through musical narrative how they feel about being part of the identity of this changing city. It took its name from 'Goliath' the huge shipyard crane that marks clearly the landscape of the Belfast docks area where Titanic was built at the start of the last century. Over a period of a month participants worked alongside The Venus Blazing music Trust team creating a 30-minute music theatre work, which was performed as part of The Belfast Festival in 2007.






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