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At Venus Blazing Music Theatre Trust, our mission is to promote innovative music and theatre projects that challenge preconceptions and empower individuals to express themselves through the arts. Our work has a strong educational and research-based foundation, aimed at bringing high-quality, professionally led workshops and performances to audiences who may not typically have access to such experiences.

The Venus Blazing Music and Theatre Trust was established in 2004 to promote innovative music and theatre projects to new audiences who are not usually exposed to high quality professionally led workshops and performances. With a firm educational and research-based core, the VBMT Trust activities challenge ideas and preconceptions and allow people from usually excluded communities to express their voice and creativity through music and theatre.

This mission has more recently focused on young people with learning disabilities as we work on techniques which encourage confidence and greater social engagement and communication in them. The name, Venus Blazing Music and Theatre, is derived from the Trust’s first major touring and education project inspired by composer Deirdre Gribbin’s Violin Concerto entitled ‘Venus Blazing’.


This groundbreaking work experimented with using innovative theatrical interventions within a symphony orchestra focusing on creating characters within the ensemble. It served to challenge the accepted classical concert norm and attracted new audiences. Past funders of the VBMT have included the Arts Council of England, the Northern Irish Arts Council, The RVW Trust, the Cavatina Chamber Music Trust and the Belfast Community Relations Board

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